"On va bien grabber"
- mardi Fév 20 - 2:23

Un des plug-ins mobiles les plus innovateurs disparaît... Mais laisse derrière lui une longue liste d'imitateurs. https://t.co/PQeVRawuxi
- mardi Fév 20 - 12:11

RT @Mark_Goldberg: Ouch! "‘Superclusters’ is just another name for more corporate welfare" | @GlobeandMail @MilkeMark https://t.co/AiR37Q…
- lundi Fév 19 - 9:00

RT @bgluckman: Production cars today are built to an insanely high standard. The Model 3 is really not. And if this is what's wrong from th…
- lundi Fév 19 - 8:48

RT @perreaux: Listening to Winnipeg sports radio for part of the day (@TSN1290Radio) and I gotta say “Happy Louis Riel Day!” sounds odd to…
- lundi Fév 19 - 8:45